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The BodyTalk System was developed by Dr.  John Veltheim a chiropractor, traditional acupuncturist, Reiki Master, and philosopher who trained in osteopathy and bioenergetic psychology. The BodyTalk technique includes both Western and Eastern medical science, yogic principles, applied kinesiology, and quantum physics. It is designed to haromonize the body's internal communications and energy systems to support optimal health. This in turn helps the body to operate as nature intended, efficiently and more effectively respond to injury and illness.  

BodyTalk addresses the following areas:

1. overall breathing patterns, left/right brain co-ordination, general and localized

    hydration, and health problems associated with internal and external scarring. 

2. Specific balancing of the twelve major body organs, eight endocrine systems,

    and other non-specific body parts.

3. Correction of genetically and/or environmentally influenced cell disorders.

4. Clearing the body of viruses, infections, parasites, food intolerances,

    environmental allergies, and accumulated toxins. 

5. Balancing the 36 surface energy points that often impact a person's energy

    level, mood, overall structural integrity, muscle tension, and digestive system.

6. Clearing past and present emotional blockages including specific phobias and


7. Cleansing the lymphatic system including all the body lymph glands and the

    lymph ducts.

8. Addressing energy blockages associated with the nervous and circulatory


9. Balancing the various energy systems within the body including the traditional

    acupuncture meridians, the chakras, and general bioenergetic energy flow. 

10. Releasing parts of the musculo-skeletal system that may be "locked". This

      includes the spine, pubic bone, cranium, sacrum, ribs, joints and muscle

11. Restoring energy imbalances between the patient and certain aspects of the


12. Fascial Balancing is a process in which we balance the fascia both

      superficially and deep around muscles, diaphragms, bones, joints, organs,vital

      structures (arteries, veins, lymph, vessels and nerves) and the brain and spinal

      cord.  It will improve posture, range of motion, blood, nerve, and energy flow.    

The body is a complex mechanism with each of it's system's, cell's, and atom's in constant communication. Unfortunately the stresses of everyday life can compromise these lines of communication or overload the energy circuits. BodyTalk allows the body's systems to be re-synchronized so they can operate as nature intended. The Body Talk Systemâ„¢ is non-invasive, completely safe and easily integrated into other healthcare regimes, BodyTalk can change the way you look at healthcare forever.

$70 for BodyTalk Session

In person or distant sessions available