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Private Pilates Reformer or Mat Sessions

Focused and intentional movement such as Pilates — can change the way we live. Modern Science has shown the body is an extension of your brain. Because the body and mind are interconnected, thoughts, feelings, and emotions show up in our body through fatigue, tension, laxity, and ultimately affect our alignment and the way we carry ourselves. Exercise that involves the mind to focus is exercise performed with awareness, mindfulness.  It involves mental focus, to train your body and mind to work synchronistically through both physical and mental challenges of everyday life.

     Meredith uses a custom-tailored approach incorporating visualization, athletic training, therapuetic exercises, yoga, pilates, somatic integrative therapy, breath exercises, and more, to improve body awareness, stabililty, flexibility, endurance and strength.   Additionally, Meredith specializes in water therapeutic integrative movement.

     Meredith has diverse experience including:  athletes, dancers, and special populations such as those with brain injury, stroke, pre and post surgery, arthritis, heart disease, and diabetes, COPD/asthma, children and adults with spectrum disorders, and pre and post pregnancy.


$30 30 min

$50 60 min