Center for Dynamic Being

Delivering health for your whole being

Meredith Baker BS, CBP

Meredith is a multi-faceted professional with a degree in Exercise Science and Nutrition from Arizona State University.  Meredith's journey in whole health began as  an athlete and expanded later at college she originally thought  she wanted to become a sports medicine physician, but felt the mind-body connection, an integral piece to our whole health, was not being addressed.  

Meredith is well known for her intuitive style of teaching and coaching.   She understands the concept that each being and body is different on their journey of balance and health. Meredith's students and clients enjoy her understanding and infusion of the body-mind complex. Her expertise as an athletic trainer, physical therapy assistant, nutrition, and life and career coaching coupled with her education of BodyTalk and Reiki, creates a custom healing and learning environment for clients. 

I look forward to supporting you in your journey of whole health for your dynamic being...

Autumn Meyer

Autumn is a homeschooling mama, yoga teacher, outdoor lover, and advocate for fun and nourishing movement for all bodies. She has a passion for play and radical self acceptance and love. It is particularly important to Autumn, as a teacher, to meet everyone where they are at. She's a born and raised Seattlite who came to Bellingham for college and never left. Autumn has two firecracker daughters and spends the majority of her time adventuring with them. Any time beyond that is left to writing, yoga, dating her sweet husband, and watching way more Netflix than you’d imagine.

Autumn is excited to move and stretch together!